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Monday, December 11, 2017


When I purchased my boat in 2007, the previous owner had installed a Prop Protector blade to cut undesirable attachments to the shaft and prop.  It has been on the boat for about 10 years and needed to be reconditioned primarily because the blade seemed to be dull.  I contacted Chris Spencer with Dedicated Marine in St. John, VI  00831, to see if they could help out as they are still in the business of selling new ones.  I am writing this to let others know that it was a pleasure dealing with them.  I got my cutter back in about three weeks time in almost new condition.  Perhaps this information will be of some use to others.  Cheers
Peter Mezei
Duddon Pilot #202

Dear Sirs
Whilst having our 55ft. narrowboat built by Ledgard Bridge Boat Company Ltd. of Mirfield we decided to have one of your Prop Protectors fitted prior to launch.

It was one of the best decisions that we could have made!

We recently decided to cruise the Chesterfield Canal. This canal is notorious for its weed problem. This year it is even worse due to the problems of Foot and Mouth leading to the lack of weed cutting. Many people warned us of the difficulties we would have, but during the whole of the 58 mile round trip we did not have to stop, once while all around us people were turning back because they were forever having to clear their props.

We have recommended your product to many people quoting our experiences on the Chesterfield Canal.

Yours faithfully,
“A satisfied Customer”
Dear Prop Protector,
I am just writing to say how pleased we are with the two Prop Protectors we purchased five years ago for our Birchwood motor cruiser. Until this year we had never experienced a problem with ropes getting tangled in the props so I guess we have been lucky during the last 12 years of boating.

Having fitted them we forgot they were there until one day we heard a terrible bag from the aft section. At first we thought we had hit something until the port engine revs died to about 150rpm then suddenly they picked up as though nothing had happened.

As luck would have it we were having the boat lifted the next day and we were just about back to our moorings when this happened. When the boat was lifted, hanging from the “P” bracket was the remains of a 35mm piece of rope covered in thick tar. The Prop Protector had cut straight through it as clean as knife through butter.

The following year the same thing happened again and once again the rope cutters saved us. It’s very reassuring to have these fitted and I would never go to sea without them I would also like to say how easy these are to sharpen (not that they need more than a touch with a hand stone) and I can see that we will have them almost indefinitely. I have seen some of the other scissor types on friends’ boats and they are always having to replace bearings and blades when they break off so I am glad I got yours. They are definitely fit and forget.

I would highly recommend these cutters to anyone.

Thanks Prop Protector!
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